What Service You Will Get From Me

I am a versatile individual who lives by the principles of Stoicism and Minimalism, infusing purpose and focus into all aspects of my life. With almost a decade of experience in Business Development across diverse industries, I specialize in forging deep connections, building strategic partnerships, and orchestrating alliances that drive business growth. My keen understanding of business dynamics, combined with a proven SaaS Sales track record and experience across various sectors, equips me to scale businesses effectively.

My journey has mainly unfolded in fast-paced startups, where I’ve contributed significantly in Events Tech, Semiconductors, Sports, Health, and Wellness. My unwavering commitment consistently leads to substantial year-on-year revenue and profit growth in each role.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I’m a self-taught Serial Community Builder, cultivating connections beyond the digital realm. As a Content Creator, YouTuber, and Influencer on platforms like Twitter and Instagram (@BeardedRedDevil), I’ve gathered a dedicated following of over 17,000 individuals.

I’m also a Certified Fitness Trainer, collaborating with global brands like Fitness First and F45 Training. My passion extends to adventure as an Overlander and Off-roader, actively involved with the core team at @JavariOffRoaders—a community centered around Suzuki Gypsy 4×4 enthusiasts.

Furthermore, I take on leadership roles in fostering sports communities. As Secretary and Events Manager of MUSC Bangalore—the second official Manchester United Supporters’ Club in India—I unite passionate fans and organize memorable events.

My guiding philosophy revolves around purposeful living, meaningful connections, and embracing Stoicism. My journey embodies Minimalism, focusing on what truly matters in both professional and personal realms